A Channel 99 internet poll of a group representative of Israeli citizens conducted by Panels Polling Company and broadcast Thursday night found that Kadima is dropping fast. According to the poll Kadima would win 14 seats if led by Livni and would drop from the largest party to the fourth largest party if Mofaz were to lead Kadima with 13 seats.The poll also examined which of the current three Meretz MKs could bring the most seats for the small far left party.

Current Knesset seats in[brackets]

33 [27] Likud
25 [08] Labor
14 [15] Yisrael Beitenu
14 [28] Livni Kadima (Mofaz Kadima 13)
07 [11] Shas
27 [31] Other Parties

Meretz: MK Horowitz 6 – MK Gilon 4 – MK Gal-On 4