The Channel 2 poll carried out by Sarid and broadcast on October 26th confirms the general public looked favorably on Netanyahu’s decision to facilitate Gilad Shalit’s release. The poll gives Likud its best showing since former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon won the 2003 election with 38 seats (which became 40 after the merger with former Minister Natan Sharansky’s party). Another interesting aspect of the poll is that the eight smaller parties each currently with five seats or fewer fall from a combined 31 to 22.

Current Knesset seats in [brackets]

37 [27] Likud
22 [08] Labor
17 [28] Kadima
15 [15] Yisrael Beitenu
07 [11] Shas
22 [31]Other Parties

The Channel 2 Sarid poll had a statistical error of +/-4.5 percentage points.