Last Tuesday’s session lasted about two hours. One bill was discussed and advanced after passing in its first reading. The bill prohibits local authority general managers from being elected to serve as mayor or on the city council within 30 months of their service. Speaker Rivlin broke from the government position and opposed the bill on the grounds that the bill was directed at a certain individual.


Non-Bill Summary

  • 17 MKs and Minister Begin (Likud) took part in the one minute speech segment and spoke on a wide variety of topics.
  • Six MKs asked queries to Agriculture Minister Noked (Independence)
  • House Committee Chairman Levin (Likud) announced that MK Whbee (Kadima) will replace MK Gal-On (Meretz) in the Funds Committee and that MK Gal-On will become a permanent substitute in the same committee. He also announced which disputed bills will be discussed in which Knesset committees.


Bill Summary

Amendment to the Local Authorities Elections Bill                

MK Miller (Y.B.) explained his amendment would prohibit a local authority general manager (director general) from being elected to serve as mayor or on the city council within 30 months of his resignation or termination from service. He explained that the position is too powerful to allow someone to jump from managing the city to making the decisions on the city without taking some time off.

Speaker Rivlin charged that this bill was tailor made to prevent a certain person from running for mayor. Miller denied the charge that this was a personal bill directed at a certain person. Speaker Rivlin announced he wasn’t convinced and that he would break from the government and oppose the bill.

The bill passed its first reading 11-2 and was sent to the Interior Committee.