The last May session lasted about two and a half hours. No bills were discussed. Two motions were discussed and one of them was sent to a committee for further exploration. A technical change was implemented to an existing law, and the MKs continued the bashing of Defense Minister Barak from the previous day in the one-minute speech segment. The European guests for the session were warned ahead of time that attendance is low on Tuesdays, particular on days without any bills. Although Tuesday was the eve of Jerusalem Day it was not celebrated or marked in the plenum by Deputy Speaker Tibi (R.T.), who closed the session.


Non-Bills Summary

  • 21 MKs participated in the one-minute speech segment of the day. Venting over Defense Minister Barak was the main topic of the speeches.
  • Speaker Rivlin and Science and Technology Committee Chairman Sheetrit (Kadima) gave warm speeches greeting the European R & D delegation of the “Eureka” project.
  • A motion marking a century of settlement in the Jezreel Valley in the Galil was marked by Speaker Rivlin, Agriculture Minister Noked (Independence) and five MKs. No vote was taken.
  • A motion on the rise of eggs and milk prices was discussed by six MKs and Agriculture Minister Noked. The motion was sent for further discussion in the Finance Committee by a 12-0 vote.
  • Interior and Environment Committee Chairman Cohen (Shas) explained his committee’s decision to correct technical issues in the Environmental Protection Law regarding “powers of inspection and enforcement.” It was approved 7-0.