Last Tuesday’s session lasted about three and a half hours. Netanyahu and Livni exchanged words, but the coalition remained solid even after a tense budget week. House Committee Chairman MK Levin changed and added regulations regarding motions in the Knesset handbook. In the one-minute speeches MKs blew off steam from their frustrations surrounding the long budget discussion and voting marathon. No bills were discussed.


Non-Bills Summary

  • 20 MKs participated in the one-minute speech segment that opened the session. The budget was the main topic of discussion.
  • A discussion, as requested by 40 MKs, on the motion titled “The Netanyahu government’s failure in the political, economic and social sectors” took place. 14 MKs participated in the discussion. Following their speeches Prime Minister Netanyahu defended his government and opposition leader Livni called him a liar. Netanyahu’s speech was accepted by the Knesset’s 43-25-1 vote.
  • House Committee Chairman MK Levin (Likud) explained that he was bringing a proposal to change the Knesset regulations book. He explained that the paragraph that deals with motions would be expanded to allow MKs to join motions of other MKs and to appeal the committee to which their motion is sent. The proposal was approved 10-0.