In two separate polls carried out by the New Wave polling group for Channel 2 news Kadima has a lead over Likud. If Barak were to lead Labor in the next elections Kadima would receive 32 seats, Likud 29 and Labor 7. If Mitzne were to lead Labor then Kadima would receive just 30 seats, Likud 27 and Labor would maintain their 13. In both polls Lieberman would receive 16 and Yishai’s Shas would receive 10. Only the results of the five medium sized parties were released, and it is unknown how the seven smaller parties faired in either poll.

Channel 10’s poll, conducted the same day, found that Netanyahu was leading Livni 45% to 25% as the person most suited for the role of prime minister.


Telephone poll carried out by New Wave for Israel Television Channel 2 news
and broadcast today. Results for only some parties were reported.

If elections held today (expressed in Knesset seats)
Current Knesset seats in [brackets].
30 32 [28] Kadima
27 29 [27] Likud
16 16 [15] Yisrael Beiteinu
10 10 [11] Shas headed by Eli Yishai *
13 — [13] Labor headed by Mitzne

— 07 [13] Labor headed by Barak

When Arieh Deri heads Shas in the poll Shas get 15 seats instead of 10.

Who do you think is most apropriate to head Shas?

Deri 29%

Etias 15%

Yishai 12%


Dialog poll broadcast Wednesday night on Channel 10.

The poll, taken by Tel Aviv University Professor Camille Fuchs, found that 45 percent of Israelis consider Netanyahu more fitting to be prime minister while just 25 percent prefer Livni.