Last Tuesday’s session lasted about four and a half hours. No bills were discussed. International Human Rights Day and the Carmel fire were the main topics of discussion.

Non- Bills Summary

  • 17 MKs participated in the One Minute Speech segment. The main topics of the day were International Human Rights Day and the fire up north.
  • A motion on International Human Rights Day was discussed by Speaker Rivlin, Justice Minister Neeman and eight other MKs. The motion was not voted on.
  • Infrastructure Minister Landau (Y.B.) answered queries in a special ‘question hour’ segment. Eight MKs participated.
  • Six MKs who were not able to discuss the motion on the Disaster up North last week when the session finished early because of Hanukah were given an opportunity to give their speeches. The vote on the motion was delayed to a later time.
  • Infrastructure Minister Landau and Public Relations Minister Edelstein (Likud) answered queries towards the end of the session.