Monday’s session lasted about four hours.  One bill was discussed and passed in its third reading. The bill raises the fine for illegal parking in handicap spots from 500 NIS to 1,000 NIS. Most of the day was spent discussing four motions, particularly the motion on the Palestinians’ desire to declare a unilateral state. Attendance was light.


Non-Bills Summary

  • There were no ‘no-confidence motions’ because Prime Minister Netanyahu was in Washington.
  • The session started five minutes late because there was no minister in the room to respond to the first motion, and Speaker Rivlin called for a recess. Defense Minister Barak (Labor) was supposed to be the coalition minister to answer the motion, but he is in Washington with Netanyahu.
  • The Knesset discussed some of the top headlines of the week with four motions, which took most of the day. Three of the motions were passed 15-0, 17-0 and 13-0. They were sent to the relevant committees for further discussion. The motion regarding “Palestine” was not voted on.
  • Labor and Welfare Minister Herzog answered queries at the end of the session.


Bill Summary

Amendment to the Traffic Ordinance Bill

Finance Committee Chairman Akonis (Likud) explained that the amendment raises the fine for parking violations in handicap spots from 500 NIS to 1,000 NIS. He told people who feel the fine is too high not to park in handicap parking if they are not handicapped. He attacked radio personality Gabi Gazit who said on the air that the Akonis would not advance or pass this bill.

MK Matalon (Y.B.) thanked the government for supporting the bill he sponsored. He said that he was saddened that he needed to sponsor a bill to stress the idea that handicap parking is for the handicapped. He questioned where Israel went wrong with its education and morals. Matalon thanked his assistants and Akonis, as well as Gabi Gazit for challenging him.

The bill passed its second reading 15-0 and passed its third reading 15-0.