Tuesday’s session was just under five hours, and not a single bill was discussed. So what were our 120 elected MKs doing? Well, most of them didn’t show up today at all. Just another Tuesday at the Knesset… So, what did we have today? International Combat Poverty Day, which produced a lot of speeches. All of the motions discussed were predictable topics taken from the headlines of Israel’s top newspapers. The only motion the government did not humor with a committee assignment was the one dealing with Ehud Barak’s current legal troubles.

Non-Bill Summary

  • 22 MKs gave one-minute speeches, mostly on International Combat Poverty Day.
  • Speaker Rivlin as well as Labor and Welfare Minister Hertzog (Labor) gave speeches marking International Combat Poverty Day.
  • Ten motions based on the hot topics of the week were discussed at length by the Knesset, and seven of these motions were sent to their respective committees for further discussion. Each one of the passing votes were unanimous:  8-0, 12-0, 11-0, 10-0, 11-0, 5-0 and 5-0. Two motions were not brought up for any vote and were withdrawn after the government gave answers acceptable to those who submitted the motions. MK Eldad’s (N.U.) motion discussing ‘The Attorney General’s decision to close the case of the foreign worker who worked illegally in the defense minister’s home’ was the lone motion that was defeated by a 5-5 vote.