I want to thank my loyal readers who have supported me through the growing process of my blog’s first three weeks. I feel that the work I am doing is very important for several reasons. The biggest of which is that there is no other person who takes the 16 hours per week to update the public on what is happening and who in Knesset is saying what. I don’t blame anyone because, as I am learning, it is a very hard job, a job I find even harder since I am doing it alone. Another reason is that there are some very good bills that are either being advanced or rejected, and it is important the public learn about them. The more I watch, the more I question the media in their selection of what is news, and what is not important. For instance, yesterday the media decided that it was more interesting to take one line out of context from the Yisrael Betaynu Homeland Security Minister, instead of reporting on the Likud MK who gave a very anti-Obama speech in English. True, not everything is interesting, and someone needs to make the call on what is reported, and what is not. I feel very proud that my blog gives all the information, and that the reader can decide for himself what is more important. In the future, I would like to start writing opinion pieces, I just need to find more time…

Once again, thank you loyal readers, the blog is as much yours, as it is mine.

I updated the about page and added some of my links.