KnessetJeremy Polling Average – The Israeli Poll of Polls KnessetJeremy Polling Average – The Israeli Poll of Polls

The Knesset parties have agreed in principle to call for an early election on April 9th 2019. That is 106 days from today. The Knesset could have chosen two earlier dates for the 21st Knesset elections (March 26, April 2) but instead will go to the ballot box just 10 days before Passover. Instead of voting on early elections today, the voting required to hold early elections was pushed off to Wednesday December 26th 2018. Israel will have a 15 week election season. The last election cycle was also a 15 week cycle. A key date to remember is Thursday Feb 21 2019 – the date when the final Knesset lists of each party are submitted.

This will be the fourth election-cycle KnessetJeremy will be tracking the polling, providing weekly averages and presenting key analysis to help others better understand Israeli public opinion.

Notes: The KnessetJeremy Polling Average tracks the most recent polling numbers. This page is updated as new polls are added to the site and the KnessetJeremy poll database.

This current average will be the last average that will not take Benny Gantz’s new party into account. Starting with next week’s weekly average Gantz’s party will be added.

PartyKnessetJeremy Polling Average (7 Last Polls)2018 AVG (48 Polls)2017 AVG (44 Polls)2016 AVG (33 Polls)All Polls (125 Polls from 2015-2018)2015 Election
Yesh Atid17.320.122.720.521.211
Joint List12.311.711.812.81213
Zionist Union11.912.31513.613.624
Bayit Yehudi10.710.51212.211.58
Yisrael Beitenu7.
Orly Levy/Others5.93.70.301.40
Current Right-Religious Coalition+Y.B.6765.864.567.165.667
Current Center-Left-Arab Opposition-Y.B.5354.255.552.954.453
Party125 Poll Avg125 Poll Placing Avg2015 Election2015 PlacingUp/Down
Yesh Atid21.22nd114th2
Zionist Union13.63rd242nd-1
Joint List124th133rd-1
Bayit Yehudi11.55th86th1
Yisrael Beitenu6.98th68th0
Current Right-Religious Coalition+Y.B.65.6n/a67n/an/a
Current Center-Left-Arab Opposition-Y.B.54.4n/a53n/an/a

The current KJPA is currently averaging the 7 most recent polls from this week. It is being compared to an average of 48 polls conducted in 2018, an average of 44 polls conducted in 2017, an average of the 33 polls (32 conducted in 2016 and one 2015 poll), an average of 125 polls conducted since the 2015 election and the 2015 election results.

To provide additional context there is a 125-poll average that presents the average for the entire term in comparison to their ranking in the 2015 election. Coalition vs Opposition numbers include parties that do not pass the threshold such as Yachad, Yaalon and Zehut.

There have been 125 opinion polls released by the top polling companies to the public over the last 44 months since the last election in March 2015.

The 2016 average is of 7 Smith, 6 Panels, 5 Midgam, 5 Geocartography, 4 HaMidgam Project, 3 Maagar Mochot, 2 Teleseker & 1 202 Strategies poll.

The 2017 average is of 11 HaMidgam Project, 8 Panels, 8 Midgam, 8 Geocartography, 4 Maagar Mochot, 3 Smith, 1 Teleseker & 1 Shavkim Panorama poll.

The 2018 average is of 15 Panels, 12 Midgam, 8 HaMidgam Project, 5 Geocartography, 5 Smith and 2 Maagar Mochot poll.