Jeremy Saltan is a Knesset Insider, Campaigner and Political Analyst who currently serves as a Branch Director for the Bayit Yehudi Party in Israel and Campaign Manager for Mevaseret Zion Mayoral Candidate Moti Haziza.

Saltan served as Campaign Manager for Bayit Yehudi’s highly successful English Language parliament campaign in January 2013, after serving as Manager of English speaking candidate Jeremy Gimpel’s primary campaign. Jeremy served as political & legislative assistant to National Union leader & MK Yaakov Katzeleh Katz during the 18th Knesset term. Saltan drafted newsworthy legislation in the 18th Knesset including the Outpost and Grunis Bills. Jeremy served as a consultant to the National Union Faction with an emphasis on legislation and new-media PR. Previously, Saltan filled various roles as he worked up the ladder on the National Union campaign cycles of 1999, 2003, 2006 and 2009 as a member of the Moledet Party.

Jeremy was elected as a Bayit Yehudi Central Committee member in 2012 and as a member on the local party branch of Bayit Yehudi in his hometown of Mevaseret Tzion. Following the general elections in January, Saltan was elected by his peers as Mevaseret Tzion’s Party Branch Director overseeing all local party affairs. He was also elected to the party’s Executive & Finance Committees. Jeremy is currently Campaign Manager for Mevaseret Tzion Mayoral candidate Moti Haziza & city council list leading up to municipal elections taking place on October 22nd.

Saltan has worked as a political consultant for other clients outside of the Bayit Yehudi in municipal and party institution elections.

Jeremy’s in-depth opinion pieces have been published in numerous publications including the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Israel National News and the Jewish Press. He has appeared on and hosted programs on various Israeli radio programs ranging from Galei Yisrael and Israel National News to Rusty Mike and Israel Sports Radio.

Saltan has received recognition for his Knesset Blog:, which was the only blog that covered the 18th Knesset’s legislative activity in English and followed all political opinion polls.