Tuesday’s hour and a half session commemorated Rehavam Ze’evi Day. Virtually the entire session was spent eulogizing Ze’evi, who was assassinated nine years ago. MK Eldad (NU) had the headline of the day with his declaration that Jordan is the Palestinian state. The first bill of the winter session was discussed and passed its third reading.

One Minute Speeches

Most of the 23 MKs spoke about assassinated Minister, MK and leader of the Moledet party, Rehavam Ze’evi.

Special session in memory of assassinated Tourism Minister Ze’evi

Speaker of the House Rivlin (Likud), Prime-Minister Netanyahu (Likud), Opposition Leader Livni (Kadima) and MK Eldad (N.U.) all gave warm speeches eulogizing Ze’evi. They all shared heartfelt fond personal memories and condemned the assassination by Palestinian terrorists in an eastern Jerusalem hotel nine years ago. The plenum was filled with special guests, former ministers, MKs, public figures, soldiers and family members. The most amazing part of the three speeches was that only small parts of the emotional speeches were read from the speakers’ notes. Livni stressed several times that she disagreed with Ze’evi politically. MK Eldad stole the headline of the day when he said there was no need for a Palestinian state, since there already was one and it is called – Jordan.

Shazar Center for the history of the Jewish people Bill

Education, Culture and Sports Committee Chairman Orlev (Jewish Home) explained that the bill would create an investigation and study center in the name of the third president of Israel, Zalman Shazar. He explained that this bill would create many government jobs. Deputy Speaker Walhaba (Kadima) congratulated MK Orlev on passing another bill that would give his connected people jobs. Chairman Orlev went on to thank the dozens of people who helped make the bill possible and assist in getting it passed quickly.

Coalition Chairman Elkin (Likud) thanked former MK Menachem Ben-Sasson for coming up with the idea for the bill and to MK Orlev for navigating the bill in a way which helped it get passed.

The bill passed its second reading 12-0 and its third reading 12-0.