VOI-138Today, Knesset Jeremy covers Knesset polls from leading Israeli media and polling companies.

Knesset Jeremy covered the 18th Knesset’s legislative activity for the English speaking public. The first and only blog to cover the Knesset’s plenary sessions in English summarizing what went on every day in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) from a neutral point of view.

Jeremy’s Daily Knesset Blog is managed by Knesset Insider, Campaigner and Political Analyst Jeremy “Man” Saltan.

Jeremy Saltan is a veteran Knesset Insider, Campaigner and leading Political Analyst. He is a regular contributor on Voice of Israel, a local municipality politician and is one of Israel’s top poll analysts.

He has run political campaigns in English & Hebrew for Israeli municipality, party institution, primary & general elections.

Jeremy’s opinion pieces have been published, quoted, appeared or credited by the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Israel National News, Jewish Press, IBA News, Voice of America, Daily Beast, France 24, Washington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera, Daystar and Foreign Policy among others. 

Personal Website: http://jeremysaltan.com/

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